CPD-CT-10 Understanding Seller’s Stamp Duty (SSD) (L1,C2)

Course Schedule

Can you answer these Seller Stamp Duties (SSD) questions confidently?

Q1: My residential property which I bought after 14 January 2011 has been sold in an EN BLOC SALE. I am one of the minorities who have objected to the sale. Would I be liable for SSD? If I am liable to pay SSD, which document do I stamp?

Q2: For the sale and purchase of a property, which is the material date of acquisition / disposal to be considered for the purpose of determining SSD – is it the date of contract or date of transfer or date of possession of the property?

Q3: Does SSD apply to HDB residential flats?

Q4: My ex-spouse and I purchased a warehouse building after 12 Jan 2013. The Court has now ordered me to transfer my share of the property to my ex-spouse. Does SSD apply to me if I transfer my share within 3 years from date of purchase?

Q5: If I inherit an industrial property from a deceased relative after 12 Jan 2013, do I need to pay SSD if I sell it within 3 years?

If you are still struggling with these questions, we like to encourage you to attend our NEW CPD workshop on “Understanding Seller Stamp Duties (SSD)”. By using case studies and open discussion, we hope to provide you with a clearer understanding of the SSD, its coverage and the calculations involved.

Learning Objectives

1. Educate salespersons on when SSD is applicable, the way in which SSD should be computed and the procedures for paying SSD.
2. Using case studies and open discussion to reinforce understanding of the applicability of SSD when selling residential and industrial properties.
3. Changes to how SSD applies from 12 Jan 2013 (for Industrial Properties)
4. To avoid omitting SSD from calculations when it is applicable during the selling of residential and industrial properties.

2 CORE CPD Hours

approved by the CEA for the mandatory CPD Scheme will be awarded for this workshop.