CPD-CT-18 Dispute Resolution For Residential Property Transactions (L1, C3)

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Conflicts and disputes arise in residential property transactions of which could be amicably settled without the need to go for litigation. This course introduces the concepts in Dispute Resolution for residential property transactions highlighting, in particular, the use of mediation to resolve disputes. Real life case studies are adapted from CASE complaint database and the course discusses how estate salesperson can apply the mediation process to their advantage. This course aims to provide trainees with an understanding of the mediation process and its application in the common property transaction disputes.


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The Consumers Association Singapore (CASE) is a non-profit organisation in Singapore with a mandate as a consumer watchdog, protecting consumers’ interests through information and education, as well as being an advocate for fair and ethical business practices. CASE has been carrying out talks and presentations to educate public and the business community on consumer rights and good business practices.

2 CORE CPD Hours will be awarded for your participation.




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