Under the new regulatory regime administered by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA), one of the registration criteria for property agents (or individual salespersons) is that they must pass the CEA’s Real Estate Salesperson (RES) examination or have equivalent qualification. This is to ensure that agents intending to do estate agency work are well qualified, professionally competent and be able to work effectively in the real estate industry. Equally important is that they must uphold good ethical standards.

Important Notice: Please be informed that attending the RES Course and passing the RES Examination do not automatically qualify an individual to be a real estate salesperson. The applicant has to comply with the full registration requirements stipulated under the Estate Agents Act, which include meeting the fit & proper criteria.

Please check here the complete list of registration criteria on CEA’s website before registering for the RES Course.

“For foreigners who wish to register with CEA as salespersons, they will need to have a valid Employment Pass (EP) issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). They should consult an estate agent that is prepared to support their future registration application, who would then check with CEA. Thereafter, when they register for the RES Course, they will need to produce a letter of support from the estate agent.”

Competency Unit 1: Real Estate Agency Industry Overview & Basic Land Law Concepts

Real Estate Agency Industry Overview
1.1 Real estate markets and submarkets
1.2 Real estate market players and government intervention

Basic Land Law Concepts
1.3 Introduction
1.4 Land
1.5 Estates in land
1.6 State Lands Act
1.7 Rights in another’s land
1.8 Registration of titles

Competency Unit 2: Dealing with Interest in Land

2.1 Law of Contract
2.2 Law of Agency
2.3 Landlord and tenant law
2.4 Negligence
2.5 Conveyance inter vivos
2.6 Mortgage
2.7 Gift
2.8 Trust
2.9 Succession
2.10 Future interests
2.11 Co-ownership
2.12 Restrictions on capacity to hold land
2.13 Planning and development of land

Competency Unit 3: Regulation of Real Estate Agency Industry & Real Estate Marketing

3.1 Regulation of real estate agency industry
3.2 Role and functions of salespersons and their requisite knowledge and skills
3.3 Principles of real estate marketing
3.4 Types of listing
3.5 Methods of sale
3.6 Regulations on advertisements
3.7 Marketing of residential property
3.8 Marketing of commercial property
3.9 Marketing of industrial property
3.10 Marketing of special properties
3.11 Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act

Competency Unit 4: Property Transactions

4.1 Sale of uncompleted private properties
4.2 Sale of completed private properties
4.3 Collective sale of private properties
4.4 Sale of HDB flats
4.5 Leasing of private properties
4.6 Subletting of HDB flats
4.7 Foreign worker housing
4.8 Taxes on property
4.9 Property finance and financial calculations


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